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Enjoy high sound quality with these Samsung EHS61 original earbuds. Two earbuds with an in-ear design deliver clear highs and full bass. With the built-in microphone and remote control, you can easily switch from music to phone calls. Incoming calls are now even more pleasant to answer, you can keep your smartphone tucked away in your bag, pocket or backpack.
Enjoy excellent wearing comfort with music at the highest quality with the Samsung EO-EG920B In-Ear Headset. Thanks to the handy controller, you can quickly switch between your music and adjust the volume.
The KZ EDX PRO is known for its sturdy/comfortable build and great price/performance ratio.
Enjoy high sound quality with this Samsung headset. Two earbuds with an in-ear design deliver clear highs and full bass. With the built-in microphone and remote, you can easily switch from music to phone calls. Incoming calls are now even more pleasant to answer, you can keep your smartphone tucked away in your bag, pocket or backpack.
JVC Gummy HA-FX5-W - In-Ear Earphones
The new HA-FX5 Gumy Plus is an inner ear version of the best-selling JVC Gumy for those who prefer the inner ear design over an earpiece. The new Gumy Plus features a rubberized housing for a comfortable fit and good noise isolation, providing a better listening experience. To customize the fit to each user, silicone earbuds in small, medium and large are included. It comes in eight colors - seven that match the iPod nano 6G, plus violet - and has a 1-meter long cord with a gold-plated iPhone -compatible plug.
The KZ ZSN Pro X feature 1 Balanced Armature and 1 Dynamic Driver per side. In addition, they are beautifully designed and not very expensive.
Pioneer SE-CL722T - In-Ear Earphones
With the Pioneer SE-CL722T in-ear headphones, you listen to your music in fantastic sound quality. The earphones' metal housing provides sharp mid and low tones and suppresses unwanted vibrations. The 8mm driver unit is placed near the ear canal for powerful sound reproduction. The earphone has a cord length of 1.2 meters.
Sony h.ear in 2 - IER-H500A In-Ear earphones
The Sony IER-H500A h.ear in 2 series - earphones allow you to listen to high-resolution audio in great detail and answer calls from your portable device. The headphones have 9 mm drivers with neodymium magnets, which can reproduce a wide frequency response from 5 Hz to 40 kHz.
The Sony MDR-EX155AP is a set of comfortable, lightweight in-ear earbuds. The neodymium drivers of 9 mm provide a dynamic sound. These headphones are equipped with comfortable, close-fitting silicone earbuds that allow you to enjoy the music even more and avoid the noise around you.
Sony MDR-EX255AP - In-ear oordopjes
De Sony MDR-EX255AP is een setje comfortable, lichtgewichte in-ear oordopjes. De neodymium-drivers van 9 mm zorgen voor een dynamisch geluid. Deze koptelefoon is voorzien van comfortabele, nauwsluitende siliconen oordopjes waardoor je extra geniet van de muziek en geen last hebt van geluiden om je heen. Zorg voor de perfecte styling en kies de kleur die het meest bij jou past.
Audio-Technica - In-Ear Headset Sonic Fuel ATH-CLR100iS
The ATH-CLR100iS SonicFuel in-ear headphones give you great sounding audio with a travel friendly design featuring an in-line microphone and control button. The 8.5mm drivers provide crystal clear sound reproduction with amazing depth and detail. Plus, with Audio-Technica's ear-fit design and three sizes (S/M/L) of earbuds to choose from, you'll enjoy long-lasting comfort and excellent noise isolation.
Maak kennis met de geheel nieuwe Moondrop Chu II, opvolger van de veelgeprezen Moondrop Chu. Chu II is een IEM met een enkele dynamische driver, ontworpen met een verbeterd composietmembraan van aluminium-magnesiumlegering. Moondrop heeft een vervangbaar akoestisch 'nozzle'-ontwerp aangebracht, de monding van het koperen mondstuk kan wanneer nodig worden geopend en verwisseld. De Chu II is bovendien voorzien van een verwisselbare kabel met universele 0.78mm 2-pins connectoren. Geniet van indrukwekkend geluid met volledige vrijheid om de kabels te verwisselen met de Moondrop Chu 2.
Comfortable Uiisii U8 headphones provide excellent sound quality and comfort during long listening to music. Three frequency balance, clear high pitch, deep voice, thick and powerful bass give great pleasure when listening to the music. They are made of high quality materials: TPE and ABS for long lasting use. TPE cable is bend-resistant and at the same time extremely flexible. ABS housing offers high resistance to scratches.
UiiSii Hi-905 - Hi-Res Dual 9.2mm drivers in-ear earbuds
Uiisii Hi-905 uses the balanced armature frequency dive technology, the dynamic driver is responsible for low and mid frequencies, to double the bass performance, creating a sense of soaring and shocking atmosphere in which people feel immersed.
The Koss KEB6i in-ear earbuds are the ideal accessory for the on-the-go music lover. Durability, portability and the Sound of Koss are all seamlessly blended into these lightweight earbuds. Small, medium and large eartips provide a secure and comfortable fit.
UiiSii HM12 - In-ear gaming earbuds
The UiiSii HM12 are inexpensive gaming earbuds. They can of course also be used as everyday earbuds, but UiiSii has designed them with gaming in mind. This can be seen in the good microphone and the drivers of 13.6mm. They are what you call 'half' in-ear earbuds, and thus offer a special fit.