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El KZ ZSN Pro X revoluciona los tapones para los oídos de metal. La calidad del sonido ha mejorado notablemente y el diseño también ha sufrido una transformación. ¿Te gustaría tener la última tecnología en lo que se refiere a tapones para los oídos y auriculares? Entonces nosotros en Fixim podemos ayudarte. Con nosotros encontrará una amplia gama de tapones para los oídos de varias marcas líderes y en diferentes diseños, como el KZ ZSN Pro X.

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El KZ ZSN Pro X tiene 1 armadura equilibrada y 1 controlador dinámico por lado. Además, están bellamente diseñados y no son muy caros.

Exquisite craftsmanship and detailed appearance make the KZ ZSN Pro X

The KZ ZSN Pro X has been a bestseller for years. Thousands of earbuds are sold each year, which is understandable because the quality is excellent. If you value clear sound and a beautiful design, you will want to buy these earplugs. They come with a luxurious detachable cable and have an excellent microphone. The biggest advantage of these earbuds is yet to come, however, because they are incredibly affordable! Are you a fan of the KZ brand and would you like to buy good earplugs from them? Then we at Fixim would like to help you. Of course, we also offer other earphones of the KZ Audio brand than just the ZSN Pro X. Think of:


Be surprised by the quality of these earplugs

Are you a music lover and do you want to listen through the best earplugs? Then buy your KZ ZSN Pro X in our webshop. Do you prefer another brand, such as earbuds from Audio-Technica? Of course you can. We have several renowned brands in our range. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact us by calling 088 0282000 or send an email to